Executive Search


Because we have over 30 years experience in the professional services staffing and executive search world, we can provide a unique service tailored to your needs.


When time, complexity, impact, and confidentiality are critical, many clients choose Emanuel Neuman Group. In the event that your hiring situation requires confidentiality, and  the hire will impact  company performance, or new opportunities emerge that must be quickly addressed, a retained search represents a commitment from both sides and sends a strong message to candidates that you highly value the opportunity.


Sometimes it makes sense for companies to pay the search fee on a success basis.  Contingency recruiting is particularly appropriate for businesses looking to fill mid level positions on a non-confidential basis. With demonstrated  precision and insight, Emanuel Neuman Group will help you drive business success utilizing our contingency recruiting model.

The same Emanuel Neuman Group culture and approach that have made us a leader in the executive search world apply to our contract staffing and contract to hire engagements. Many of the same clients who engage our executive recruiting services also turn to us for their contract needs when they experience spikes in seasonal workloads, want access to specialized professionals, or seek to improve cost management.

Regardless of the approach, Emanuel Neuman Group knowledgeable team is ready to help you hire the best and brightest. Let’s work together to find the right fit at the right salary to help accelerate your company’s growth.

Interim Management


When a key team member leaves the company whether planned or not, there  is likely a need for someone who can quickly right the ship. It's crucial to have an individual to step in during critical times that has the experience that Emanuel  Neuman Group brings you.

Special  assignments: Interim executives offer real leadership on important but  temporary projects. When the head of innovation at a major American bank  was implementing a new CRM—and realized that his team lacked the technical experience to lead this important initiative—he engaged Emanuel Neuman Group to provide an individual with over 20 years of experience implementing CRM programs. This temporary leader not only oversaw day-to-day development efforts but also managed the development of top-level plans and strategies for 10 months;  She then left the system up and running with the team well equipped to operate it going forward.

Advisory engagements: Interim leaders can also work as advisers to internal  execs, offering behind-the-scenes support while maximizing knowledge  transfer. When the EVP of a major industrial company made a carve-out acquisition from a competitor, he engaged an experienced executive from Emanuel Neuman Group to advise the acquisition and integration team. Seasoned and highly intuitive, this executive was able to read both corporate cultures and help the team anticipate, assess, prioritize, and resolve issues.

Executive Coaching


Just like a professional athlete, every executive needs access to a coach and adviser for confidential discussions or to act as a sounding board.  Most of these discussions should not start with other members of your team with in house peers or direct reports. 

Emanuel Neuman Group can help take you and your team to the next level with our mentoring and coaching programs tailored to you for your business.

We have years of experience with:

Discussing compensation plans and implementation. and how they will impact employees; 

Restructuring , contraction, and expansion plans;

Helping prepare for delivering difficult news to directors, bankers, or investors;

Preparation for internal employee meetings;

Assisting in team development and  ensuring that your leadership team is working in lock step;

Coaching and mentoring high performing employees;

Second (or third) opinion on individuals you are considering for promotion.